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How to put more “Ooomph!” into your presentations:

By on Aug 8, 2012 in Helpful Hints

The Dozen ‘P’s of Public Speaking


    1. Preparation – research, write, and rehearse – rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
    2. Pace – this should vary – if we speak at one pace we become boring
    3. Pitch – this is the key to vocal variety; low, middle, and high – in both tone and volume
    4. Pause – one of the best ways to avoid those “uuumhs” and “aarhs” (and to take a breath)
    5. Presentation (personal) – always remember that “You are your best visual aid”
    6. Period (time) – to go beyond you allotted time is to steal what you have no right to
    7. Pan – the audience with your eyes, engaging its members for 2-3 seconds each
    8. Project – your voice using your diaphragm
    9. Pronounce – your words clearly – good articulation aids understanding
    10. Passion – give your speech everything you have – be enthusiastic, it’s contagious
    11. Personality – be yourself, bring your own uniqueness to your speech
    12. Participate – focus all your attention on your audience and stay ‘tuned in’ to them

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