Communication with Confidence


“To have the chance to work with someone such as you who has significant impact on the development of people looking to improve their presentation skills, has been a highlight of my speaking ‘career’.   I very much understand the commitment that is required to attend one of these courses, and the need of the participants to over-come that powerful fear that is public speaking. To see the participants relax into the sessions that you ran, use the skills you were demonstrating, and show visible evidence of improvement, is a real vindication of your skills. You also showed strong ability to make educational sessions come alive.

Your use of language, both spoken and body, and understanding the additional presentation skills that sit in behind, was demonstrable and able to be grasped. I had feed-back after the course ended that, for many of our participants, your presentations were vivid, compelling, and entertaining.

Hope to be able to work together again one day. ”

Vivienne Milmine | Team Leader – Business Partner – Relief | BNZ Partners

“It’s one thing to stand up and talk in front of others but quite another to say something of substance and with power. ‘Dare To Deliver’ illuminates on the how and why of speaking with conviction in the public arena but furthermore it specifies tactics and techniques to presenting with an edge. Owners, leaders, managers, spokespeople, absolutely anyone who wants to have greater voice in public speaking will find plenty to tuck into here. David Clarkson’s never going to be able to stand up and deliver for you but this book goes a long way to helping you speak for yourself.”  Matt Harrington, Right-Hand HR

Some feedback from course members:

“Excellent presenters.  Feedback process was excellent.  Excellent course.”

“Awesome course, great fun – an uncomfortable experience such as public speaking made easier.

“The best course I have ever been on. Inspirational, moving and positive.”

“A ‘spot on’ course. Very motivational, inspiring and supportive. The encouraging and non-threatening atmosphere created from day one was very helpful and appreciated. Made the exercises ‘easy’ and better learning experiences. Suppressed the fears.”

“The most powerful experience I’ve had. Took me to new levels of who I am. Excellent in all aspects.”

“A very empowering and enjoyable course”

“I have learnt to overcome fear, feel less nervous.  I have also learnt the power of the pause which I didn’t know before.  I’ve been empowered.  Very inspiring course as well.”

“Yesterday I spoke…..about “a day in the life of a chartered accountant”.  I’m sending this email to you as a way of saying thank you for sharing your public speaking skills with me.  I am delighted I was able to address the audience. Something that used to fill me with fear, yesterday gave me a real buzz.”

And from a seminar – “David delivered invaluable information, essential for anyone who wants to have more confidence in presenting publicly…..I would happily recommend his services”  Broni McSweeney,(Cert F.I.T., Reps, LL.B) Catch Fitness